Fund Research and Development AG

Fund Research and Development

Fund Research & Development AG is an independent advisor for financial institutions like Banks, Fund Companies, Asset Managers and Securities Firms in Europe. We specialize in advise on structuring investment products for both retail and institutional investors. In doing so, we cover three important areas of running an asset management business:

  • Product Structuring
  • Distribution and Business Strategies
  • Organization and Asset Management Process

We add a lot of value to financial companies in a state of quick growth, giving them a sound product foundation to build their future business on. By connecting them to selected parts of our network of service and product providers, we tailor make a unique platform for each client to expand from, allowing them to keep their focus on their original strengths and success factors, at the same time as we create state-of-the-art product and organizational platforms to operate in.

We believe that any sound asset management business is grounded in easy-to-manage systems along with client-focused product- distribution- and organizational structures. This business puzzle is what we do for our clients.

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